LV1405 - Electronic Remote Head Brake Controller 12V
Electronic Remote Head Brake Controller 12V

Product Description

      Electronic Remote Head Brake Controller 12V
  • Convient installation, control box can be mounted under dash
  • New Generation Microprocessor Based
  • Open Circuit & Overload Indication
  • Easy Adjustment via Remote Mounted Knob with Built in Over Ride Button
  • Compact & Rugged Aluminium Extrusion
  • Suitable for 2 axle trailers
  • Dimensions: 40 x 79 x 81mm
  • For instruction sheet click here
Reviews (1)
Name : Mthu
Location : Perth, Western Australia
Title : Brake controller
Review : Love the accessability of the controller, it sits descretely next to the driver. Easy mode changing for manual control or proportional braking. Works well on off roading too

Questions (1)
Does the LV1405 have progressive braking - the harder you brake the more the controller applies the brakes to the trailer? I've got a RedArc controller with remote mount in my other vehicle and the brakes come on the same amount regardless of how hard you press the brake pedal. is this the same?

Hi, The LV1405 is the same as the redarc brake controller with our unit you will set it to a certain braking force and when you hit the brakes it will then go on at that braking force. You also have a manual override with our brake controller where you push the knob in and turn, this will manually override the braking force.


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