LV1750 - SOLAR Maximum Power Point Tracker 1800 Watt, 12 to 48V
SOLAR Maximum Power Point Tracker 1800 Watt, 12 to 48V

Product Description

       SOLAR Maximum Power Point Tracket 1800 Watt

Increase your panels output by up to 30% with the revultionary LV1750. This inovative Solar Charger is extremely cost effective, efficient, compact and easy to use. Reliability is enhanced by a multilevel overtemperature protection and a robust maximum power tracking algorithm.
  • Drop in replacement to standard regulators boosting output current by up to 30%
  • Simple 3 wire "Plug and Play" connection
  • Suitable for 12V to 48V panels and batteries
  • Additional feature for the more advanced user such as Dawn to Dusk, Low Voltage Disconnect, Remote Alarm and Programming Capabillity.
  • Optional LCD display for voltage and charge status
  • Triple chemistry Vented, Gel & AGM cells
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