LV1560 - Key On Lights On Module
Low Voltage Key On Lights On Module

Product Description

      Low Voltage Key On Lights On Module
  • The LV1560 is a 12V/24V system for activating autonomously your cars Headlights whilst your vehicle is running. This increases your cars visibility to other drivers and pedestrians and are commonly known as DRL's ( Daytime Running Lights).
  • This is achieved by 3 x 30A Microprocessor Controlled relays (that can be wired for either ground or positive switching circuits) which are wired into your cars existing wiring and takes control of your headlights. With features that include:
  • 10 Second delay at ignition to reduce battery starting load.
  • Delay on exit. When the ignition is turned off the lights will stay illuminated for 10 seconds.
  • Parking/Tail light functionality
  • Override Function
  • Custom delay and time and voltage cutout (Custom settings must be advised on order and are factory set)
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