LVXP200 Battery Tester 12V
Battery Tester 12V. Alternator test 12V. Tyre Pressure Check. Backlit LED Display

Product Description

The XP200 from Electromem is an easy to use multifunction tester to accurately test 12V
lead acid-batteries. The XP200 can also be used to test the vehicles alternator and also
tyre pressure.
It provides the user with an easy to read LCD display showing the battery voltage/Alternator
test results or Tyre pressure

• Battery Test: 12V
• Alternator Test: 12V
• Voltmeter Range: 9-15V DC
• Test Leads: 35cm
• Packaged in an attractive blister pack
• Dimensions: 140 x 80 x 25mm
• Weight: 0.35Kg
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